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Phone: 831-440-8550
Snail mail: Red Bat Photography LLC * P.O. Box 1358 * Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1358

Who is this “Red Bat”?

Red Bat Photography began in 2007 as a collaboration between Patrick Logsdon and Rebecca Barnes.


Patrick is a nearly six foot tall bipedal carbon-based lifeform who knows how to hold a tea cup, and has always seen the world just a little bit differently.  This might be because no one knew he needed glasses until he was nine, so he remembers with perfect clarity the moment he first put on a pair of corrective lenses and the world became this amazing place filled with astonishing detail and beauty.

He’d always been a storyteller, and thought that his destiny lay in the world of fiction, but destiny was a fickle and slippery fish. It eluded him until he picked up a camera. He was used to using his mind as a lens, but had no idea that an actual lens could be used as a filter for his mind. He started framing his world in a different way, looking at things from different angles, noticing details and edges and shadows more than he ever had.

Patrick was born to document. In words and in images, his purpose in life is to capture moments that have meaning and impact, moments that tell a story that goes beyond the frame, and beyond the present moment.




Rebecca co-founded Red Bat Photography with Patrick in 2007. For years, many amazing photos were taken, many Walnut Cafe breakfasts were eaten, and a great time was had by all.

In 2012, Rebecca moved on from Red Bat to pursue other projects. You can read her farewell blog post here.

To contact Rebecca, send an email to rebeccabarnesphoto [at] To follow her new photography adventures, visit the Rebecca Barnes Photography website,



The bat’s meaning varies among cultures, but no matter where this animal shows up, it represents the power of transformation. Throughout history, the bat has been linked to death and rebirth, a guardian of the transition between worlds. Bat watches over life’s critical passages, when old reality disappears into darkness and new reality is born in its place. Life compels us all to change at every moment. Bat embodies the vectors of desire and destiny that point us towards our future.

The symbolism of this bat is inspiring, especially combined with the color red. The red bat is an odd cousin of the bluebird who sits on your shoulder. Magic runs through its veins. In China, red bats are exceptionally lucky omens; the word for bat sounds like the word for happiness, and the color red is believed to ward off misfortune. For me, the lucky red bat embodies the transformational flash that occurs when the truth is revealed.

Like the bat’s sonar, the camera acts as an extra sense, allowing us to see everyday wonders: tender vows, dripping flower petals, long exposures that show the tracks of stars, sultry close-ups, triumphant dance moves, emerging identities, and countless other easy-to-miss instants. Through pictures, your emerging story is found, along with the magic of what you’re becoming with every click of the shutter. Your most important moments are as brief as a heartbeat, but the photographs stay with you for years to come.