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Red Bat Photography specializes in innovative wedding, portrait, event, and fashion photography. If the scene involves people, I’d love to take pictures of it—but my visual interest doesn’t end there. In my free time, I’m also an avid landscape and street photographer, producing work with a wide variety of fine art and commercial applications. I’m passionate about photography in all its forms, and bring a high level of knowledge and dedication to every shoot.

The Red Bat creative vision extends beyond the ordinary and expected, and I thrive on collaboration. Once hired, I work with you to discover and capture the unique beauty of your style, your love, your most important day.

I’m always learning new things as I take pictures, and love to share what I find. I keep a journal of my adventures—check out the Red Bat Photography blog.

How you can get in touch:

Email: patrick@redbatphotography.com

Phone: 831-440-8550

Snail mail: Red Bat Photography LLC * P.O. Box 1358 * Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1358