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This post is Part 4 of a 4-part series. Read Part 1Read Part 2Read Part 3 – Read Part 4

After hanging out at Pacific Oaks for a while, wedding cake was on everyone’s mind, especially the bride’s. It was time to hop into the limo and go back to the reception site, aka their hotel room. The wedding cake was a vegan delight from local vegan supplier Black China Bakery. As soon as the cake had been cut and shoved playfully into the appropriate mouths, Jill declared the photographers and the stylist to be officially off the clock.

Of course, we didn’t want to stop taking pictures. It’s hard to stop clicking when things are still happening! Jill was fairly strict about this though, so we don’t have as many photos to show from the last part of the day. She wanted to make sure we ate enough cake, and later, enough tasty vegan food at Malabar. The wedding dinner was enormous. We lost count of the courses, we were brought so many. At last we were able to relax and chat with Jill and Chase, and with Jill G. the stylist, who took out her own camera to show us photos featuring her incredible horror-film-style makeup skills. Have I said that Jill G. is awesome? If so, I must say it again. Jill G. is awesome.

As we ate ourselves into a coma, we finally heard the whole story of how Jill and Chase got together. This information is usually elicited long before the wedding, but what with one thing and another, we never got around to interrogating them about this. The tale was worth waiting for, and one befitting these two. It was full of secret longing, and fate, and explosions, and astroturf, and it could only end with the words happily ever after.

Thank you, Jill and Chase! Come back to Santa Cruz soon for another Malabar dinner, a walk in the woods, maybe a vegan donut or two…

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