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Red Bat Photography will climb ev’ry mountain to make your wedding day photos special, as you can see from this shot:


Sara and Matt said their vows on the beach not long ago, and the Red Bat Team was there. Shooting at the beach was more fun than I expected. I got to circle around the entire group while the ceremony was happening, and Patrick was of course high up on a hill. People were having trouble hearing what was being said anyway, due to the whipping wind and crashing waves. They were not distracted by a photographer walking laps around them, nor by one posed like a sniper above them.

Up on the hill, Patrick got lovely dramatic shots. He also got some kind of allergic reaction to the flora he encountered up there. I won’t go into much detail, but wow, was he unhappy a few days later when the disgusting allergic reaction kicked in! I believe there were large blisters involved. Don’t worry, I won’t post any photos of the blisters; he wouldn’t let me see them anyway. (Not that I asked.)

Anyway, he got lovely dramatic shots like this one:


And after the ceremony I got to run up the hill to shoot the whole group looking up:


And here are some of our favorites (of what we’ve processed so far, anyway- we have a looong way to go before Friday, our deadline for Getting It Done.) Enjoy!












UPDATE: chickens have appeared again at a Red Bat wedding! Click here for more.

  1. I will always remember the first moment that we laid eyes on these photos – 11 at night, we’re both exhausted from a long day working and trying to get the house back in order post-wedding chaos. And then THE photo came up on the screen – the beautiful sepia-tinged Winner-Take-All photo of Matt and I standing in waist-high grasses. It was so beautiful – I cried. I never thought that we could look that amazingly fabulous. Sounds silly, but there you have it. They say that when you are preparing for everything that goes into your wedding, make sure you get a great photographer, ’cause no one will remember the food, the cake, what was said (unless someone gets particularly tossed and climbs on a table – thank goodness that didn’t happen…) AND you will not remember your own wedding. (Turns out it is true. Damn!) BUT you will have your photos for a lifetime. We didn’t just choose a great photographer. We were BLESSED with TWO PHENOMENAL photographers – far better than a mere “great” can convey. (And you know what a photo freak I am!) Thank you THANK YOU thank you for capturing our wedding in the most beautiful, intimate and truly “us” way possible. We love the Bats Rouge!!!
    CHEERS! – Sara

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